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What are Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Invisalign Melrose MA

Invisalign is a great alternative for patients who want to correct orthodontic issues such as crowding, biting misalignments, and spacing. They are transparent and metal-free. Unlike traditional braces that are made of wires and brackets, Invisalign is clear!

Invisalign clear aligners are convenient and yield great results. If you are recommended for Invisalign, the dentist will take mouth impressions, x-rays and photos of your mouth and submit them to Invisalign’s laboratory. The impressions are accompanied by your dentist’s prescription and intended treatment plan. Once your set of clear aligners arrive, the dentist will help you understand how to use them and what to expect.

Treatable Orthodontic Issues

The following are conditions treatable. 

  • Overbite- The upper jaw bites over the lower jaw.
  • Underbite- This happens when the lower jaw bites over the upper one.
  • Crossbite- Occurs when the teeth irregularly bite over and under each other
  • Gap teeth- There are irregular spaces between the teeth.
  • Open bite- Occurs when there is a gap between the lower and upper jaw when teeth are clenched.
  • Crowded teeth-Occurs when the teeth have no space and may overlap one another.

Invisalign Melrose MA

Benefits of Invisalign

The invisible braces are essential for correcting misaligned teeth. Some patients are unaware that having straighter teeth helps maintain a healthier smile. Misaligned teeth can cause a buildup of plaque and tartar. Left untreated, serious issues like periodontal disease can occur. Fortunately, patients can straighten their teeth effectively with Invisalign. These clear aligners also improve other orthodontic issues like overbites, underbites, and crossbites. 

Benefits of Invisalign include:

  • Easy to remove to eat and drink
  • No need to worry about broken brackets and wires and thus enhances your lifestyle as is evident with the traditional braces.
  • Invisalign is virtually invisible and hence, no effect on your aesthetics and appearance. These make clear braces appealing to adults too.
  • It is hygienic, preventing the additional build-up of germs, and you can keep brushing the floss. Because using this treatment comes with the flexibility of removal.

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Straightening your smile is more than a cosmetic choice. It improves your oral health by maintaining a cleaner mouth. Patients with misaligned and crowded teeth are encouraged to learn if Invisalign is right for them. The team at Melrose Dental Group is available for consultations. Book yours by calling 781-242-3388 or easily schedule an appointment online. New patients are always welcome and many insurances are accepted. We look forward to meeting you.

Enhancing Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist Melrose MA

A cosmetic dentist improves, corrects, or restores the appearance of the oral cavity, inclusive of the teeth and gums. Additionally, he or she improves dental aesthetics, which include the size, shape, alignment, and color of teeth. Although the procedures and treatment covered in Cosmetic Dentistry mainly focus on the aesthetic value of one’s oral cavity, they go a long way in the enhancement of oral hygiene and the promotion of oral health.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

There are several types of procedures and treatments captured in Cosmetic Dentistry. It is worth noting that the processes and treatment should be undertaken by qualified, licensed, and practicing Cosmetic Dentist or a general dentist with the prerequisite experience and skills in the field.

cosmetic dentist melrose ma

Common Procedures

  • Teeth whitening– this procedure is also known as bleaching, about the chemical components of the materials used in the process. This procedure is also one of the most affordable and most straightforward procedures. Teeth whitening enhances a patient’s smile by removing tooth discoloration. In fact, teeth can whiten up to 8 shades.
  • Dental veneers– veneers are thin laminates used to improve the appearance, shape, and size of the tooth. 
  • Dental bonding– this procedure involves the use of dental applications of tooth-colored material, usually resin plastic, to improve the tooth’s aesthetic look.
  • Inlays and Onlays– the two involve indirect restorative procedures in cosmetic dentistry. The dental material is constructed outside the mouth as a whole-single, solid piece, fitted in the mouth at a specified cavity. In addition, they are used in mild to moderate damaged, decayed or discolored teeth to restore the normal function and appearance of the teeth.
  • Dental Implants– implants are biocompatible titanium tooth roots used to replace missing teeth. In fact, they offer the best natural-appearing results and can last for several years.
  • Dental crowns– crown are dental caps used to restore a weak or damaged tooth. They appear and function like a natural tooth. Additionally, most patients prefer porcelain crowns as they appear very natural and are durable.

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Contact Melrose Dental Group to learn more about cosmetic dentistry. Our cosmetic dentist offers consultations to assure you receive the best-recommended treatments.  Call (781) 242-3388  or book an appointment online.


What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry Melrose MA

Many people solely visit the dentist to keep their teeth clean and healthy. However, even if your smile is healthy, you may not be completely happy with it. Misaligned, cracked, broken, missing, and discolored teeth can be corrected. In fact, many patients are now considering cosmetic dentistry to enhance their smile. Learn more below and contact us today.

cosmetic dentistry melrose ma

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Whitening, or bleaching, is probably one of the most common procedures. This involves making teeth whiter and brighter through over-the-counter or in-office procedures. While you can purchase whitening strips and toothpaste at your local drugstore, the effects are temporary. For long-lasting results, schedule a professional teeth whitening at your dentist’s office. 

Dental Implants

Implants are a popular choice for those missing a few teeth and do not want bridges or dentures. Implants consist of titanium screws that are screwed into the jawbone. The bone fuses to the implant, securing the screw permanently in place. Dental implants look and function just like real teeth. While costly, they are long-lasting and very effective. 

Dental Veneers

If you’ve always wanted a smile like your favorite movie star, then you may want to choose veneers. Veneers are thin shells that are cemented onto the front of the tooth. Veneers can fix alignment issues, cracks, discoloration, and gaps. The dentist removes a small amount of enamel before placing these porcelain shells on your teeth. Having a Hollywood smile can be costly, though, at more than $1,000 per tooth.

Dental Bonding

You can improve the look of your teeth with putty. Dental bonding uses a tooth-colored resin material that is similar to putty. This material is placed on the tooth to fix cracks, discoloration, decay, misshapen teeth, and other issues. Bonding can also be used for natural fillings as an alternative to silver or gold fillings. It is a relatively inexpensive choice, costing just a few hundred dollars per tooth. 

Dental Crowns

For weak or decaying teeth, dental crowns are a good choice. They are also used in cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of cracked or discolored teeth. They are also good for filling in large gaps between teeth. Also known as a cap, a crown covers the entire tooth. Crowns are typically made of porcelain or acrylic, but can sometimes be made of metal. They are very strong and can last for many years. 

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If you’re not happy with your smile, there are many cosmetic dentistry options that can improve the appearance of your teeth. Whitening, bonding, and veneers are just some of the many choices. Contact Melrose Dental Group to receive your unique dental treatment plan. Call (781) 242-3388  or book an appointment online.

Dental Veneers Melrose MA: What are Dental Veneers?

Dental Veneers Melrose MA

Dental Veneers are thin laminate shells that are tooth-colored.  They are used for covering the front side of the teeth to improve a patient’s smile. In other words, dental veneers are mostly used to improve your physical and aesthetic appearance. Since the shells are permanently bonded to the front of the teeth, they change the teeth’s color, shape, length, or size.  Dental veneers are used to fix various dental problems such as; teeth discoloration, chipped or broken teeth, worn down teeth, uneven, misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth, and teeth gaps.

dental veneers melrose ma

Types of Dental Veneers

There are different types of dental veneers from which you and your dentist should discuss the best one that is a good solution for your dental problem.  

Porcelain Veneers – these are the most popular veneers and are mostly preferred for correcting issues of color and shape. Even though they are a bit expensive, you can still get back your money’s worth as they can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Composite veneers – these are quite similar to porcelain veneers but are made from translucent resin. They are typically used to address gaps between teeth and minor chips in teeth. Although they are less expensive compared to porcelain veneers, they are not quite as durable.

Pros and Cons of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can be a permanent solution to your dental problems, however, it is always best to know what to expect before choosing veneers.


The most obvious benefit of dental veneers is the instant improvement in your confidence. Veneers are also molded specifically for your teeth which make it nearly impossible to tell the difference. Also, veneers don’t only come in white; you can even select the shade you want. You can even opt for something close to your natural tooth color so that the change wouldn’t be that obvious.

In most cases, the veneers are bonded to your teeth in whatever form they are in which means that no additional shaping or drilling is required. Also, no special maintenance is needed, just the usual brushing and flossing.

Additionally, the gum tissue tolerates porcelain well; therefore, you have nothing to worry about the health of your gums.


Once they are made, veneers do not change color which is something good; however, they do not prevent your natural teeth from discoloring. This should also be an issue when the rest of your teeth without veneers start changing color giving you an awkward difference in your smile. But, sticking to good dental hygiene and regular dental checkups can prevent this from happening.

Just like your natural teeth, veneers are also prone to cracking and chipping. Due to this, they are not recommended for people who have habits of grinding their teeth, biting their nails or chewing on ice. The good news is these habits can be corrected and you can still get your veneers for that brighter smile.  

Lastly, while the gum can tolerate porcelain, it is not recommended for anyone with a history of gum disease, weakened enamel or other dental conditions. If you have this issue, you can discuss with your dentist other best solutions for your dental problem.

Cost of Dental Veneers

The cost of veneers greatly varies from location to location. Also, some of the other factors that affect the cost include what brand name your dentist is using, the extent of your procedure, and the expertise of the dentist as well as the area’s cost of living. Sometimes veneers can also be covered by insurance since they are considered a cosmetic procedure but you should check with your specific dental insurance company to be sure.

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Melrose Dental Group offers a variety of dental treatments, including dental veneers. Learn more with an exam and consultation. Call 781-242-3388 or book an appointment online.

How to Maintain Dentures

Dentures Melrose MA

Missing or damaged teeth is a widespread occurrence in many people. Missing teeth cause discomfort, inhibits speech and chewing. Fortunately, dentures offer patients a convenient way to restore their smile. Learn more about dentures below and contact us today.

dentures melrose ma

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable mouth appliances that restore some or all teeth. A standard set is removable, but there are semi-permanent dentures that are attached to the gum and bony structure in the oral cavity.

There are two types available, the complete and partial. When all teeth are missing, the preferred dentures are the completes while partiasl are used when a set of teeth are missing. Dentures are made out of several materials, the most common being Valplast. Dentures are made from a gum colored acrylic base in combination with porcelain, plastic and metallic alloys for structural strength and stability of the prosthetic teeth.

dentures melrose ma

Why Dentures are Necessary

There are various reasons why you may need dentures. Your dentist might recommend removable mouth appliances in instances when one has lost all their natural teeth as a result of injury or accident, or in cases of extensive damage resulting from dental diseases like gum disease or extensive tooth decay.

These removable appliances appear and function as natural teeth. They aid in restoring the normal function of teeth, helping you retain your ability to speak with no limitations, bite and chew food and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Dentures also help in restoring and observing oral hygiene and maintain proper oral health, which impacts your wholesome health.

How to Maintain Dentures

Removable mouth appliances need meticulous care to prevent damage and warping. We recommend the following tips.

  • Ensure that you clean and rinse them thoroughly to remove any food particles
  • Avoid dropping them on a hard surface which can damage them. Also, avoid bending them when cleaning which can damage the plastic composition.
  • Ensure you thoroughly clean your mouth after removing your set, This helps in maintaining proper oral hygiene measures
  • Make it a routine to at least brush your set once every day. Do not clean your set when they are inside your mouth
  • Leave your set soaking overnight in water or denture -soaking solution and properly store them when not in use
  • Before putting them in the mouth, rinse the set in clean water
  • Ensure you visit your dentist regularly for dental examination and check-up

Dentures are essential when one has missing or damaged teeth as they play the role of the natural teeth. The denture comes in the natural color of teeth, helping regain the confidence and smile of having regular teeth. The function of teeth and gums are restored when using your set, and one can comfortably have a normal conversation, eat food without limitations and proudly and comfortably smile in front of others.

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Melrose Dental Group offers a variety of dental solutions. Learn more about teeth replacement by contacting us today. Call 781-665-1552 or book an appointment online.

How to Maintain Healthy Teeth

Healthy Teeth

Maintaining healthy teeth is achievable. In fact, many of our habits can positively and negatively impact our smile. How so? Well, we will explain what you should be doing daily to keep your smile healthy. Learn more below. Plus, if you have questions, contact us today.

In brief, plaque and tartar buildup are at the core of an unhealthy smile. Buildup creates decay, periodontal disease, and tooth loss. For this reason, it is important to remove plaque and tartar. Plaque is the sticky film that accumulates on teeth. It later hardens into tartar if left untreated. Follow these tips to prevent plaque and tartar buildup.

healthy teeth melrose ma

Brush and Floss

At-home dental care is essential to removing plaque on a daily basis. Brush at least twice a day and floss daily. If you can brush after each meal, do so. Plaque thrives from food particles. Additionally, flossing removes plaque from between teeth. It’s best to floss at night to assure you have removed the plaque that has built throughout the day.

Eat More Vegetables

Eating more vegetables offers your teeth two benefits: hydration and natural scrubbing. Vegetables tend to be watery which helps keep your mouth hydrated. As a result, your mouth naturally flushes bacteria away. In addition, crunchy vegetables scrub your teeth. Try eating more raw carrots and celery!

Maintain Your Dental Visits for Healthy Teeth

Routine dental exams and cleanings prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Also, exams detect other issues early on. This allows the dentist to recommend treatments before the issue worsens. In other words, your smile is best protected when routinely examined by a dentist. Likewise, dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup from hard to reach areas. You can also learn more tips on maintaining healthy teeth by speaking with your dentist or dental hygienist.

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Dental hygiene is essential. Maintain healthy teeth by learning about your current oral health. Schedule an appointment today! We happily accept new patients and most insurances. Call 781-665-1552 or book an appointment online.

Dental Implants Melrose: Why Dental Implants Are Ideal for Missing Teeth Replacement

Dental Implants Melrose

Dental Implants Melrose | Replacing missing teeth is essential to maintain optimal oral health. Missing teeth are known to create issues such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, and unnatural teeth shifting. As a result, we encourage patients to consider dental implants. Learn more about this ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. And, contact us today for an exam and consultation.

dental implants melrose ma

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. In brief, implants are titanium artificial tooth roots that are inserted into the jaw bone. They require an abutment and dental crown to complete the dental restoration. Patients prefer dental implants because they also preserve the jaw bone. In other words, missing teeth cause the jaw bone to deteriorate over time. However, dental implants prevent bone deterioration by anchoring into the jaw just like a natural tooth.

In addition, dental implants can last for several years with proper care. On average, implants last up to 15 years and sometimes longer. Patients are advised to maintain proper dental care to avoid issues like periodontal disease which can affect the implant. Simply, brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. Maintain your routine exams and cleanings for additional preventive dental care.

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Dental Implants Melrose | Teeth replacement is very important for all patients. Ask us about dental implants and learn if they are right for you. Dental bridges and dentures are other teeth replacement options we can explore during your consultation. Likewise, we offer an array of dental treatments to further customize your plan for a healthier smile. Contact us today. Our team proudly accepts new patients and most insurances. Call (781) 665-1552 or click here to book an appointment. Additionally, our dental office is conveniently located at 12 Porter Street Melrose, MA 02176. We look forward to meeting you.

Choosing Invisalign for Straighter Teeth

Invisalign Melrose MA

Invisalign | Did you know that a straighter smile improves your oral health? It’s true. Straighter teeth allow for normal brushing and flossing to remove daily plaque buildup. That is why we recommend patients to choose Invisalign for mild to moderate misaligned teeth. Learn more about the benefits of choosing Invisalign below. Then, contact us to schedule a consultation.

invisalign Melrose MA

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of clear custom-made aligners that effectively straighten teeth. This revolutionary treatment allows patients to improve their smile less noticeably. In addition, patients do not need to limit their diet. They can enjoy any type of food while on treatment. Simply remove the aligners before each meal and brush your teeth before re-inserting the aligners. Doing so removes bacterial buildup that can affect your teeth.

Results are normally obtained in 3 to 18 months. In fact, these clear aligners are known to work just as effectively as traditional braces. The major difference is no metal required! These sturdy aligners are made of SmartTrack® material for optimal results, comfort, and durability. View “before and after” images here.

Overall, treatment plans will vary between patients. However, your exam and consultation will provide more information. It is likely that you will need a retainer after treatment to maintain your new smile. Retainers protect your teeth from shifting out of place. Fortunately, you do not need the traditional metal retainer. Invisalign offers their own! It’s clear and durable, just like their aligners.

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Your smile is very important. Allow us to uncover your ideal solutions to improve your oral health. New and existing patients may call (781) 665-1552 or click here to book an appointment online. Moreover, our dental office is conveniently located at 12 Porter Street Melrose, MA 02176. Most insurances accepted. Contact us today.

Melrose Teeth Whitening: What is Zoom! Teeth Whitening?

Melrose Teeth Whitening

Melrose Teeth Whitening | Zoom! Teeth Whitening System offers the best results for a brighter smile. As we age, tooth discoloration is likely to worsen. This is especially true for those who drink coffee, red wine, or smoke. Fortunately, Zoom! Teeth Whitening whitens teeth up to 8 shades in under 2 hours. Learn more about this revolutionary teeth whitening solution below. Then, contact us for an exam and consultation.

melrose teeth whitening

What is Zoom! Teeth Whitening?

Zoom! Teeth Whitening System is a safe and effective solution to whiten teeth up to 8 shades lighter. Only certified dental professionals can perform the treatment. Likewise, the teeth whitening solution also requires a thorough teeth and gum examination to assure they are healthy. In brief, a chemical agent is applied to the teeth while a special light activates the whitening process. The procedure is completed in under 2 hours. In addition, results last up to 3 years! Read more about the procedure here.

How can I avoid tooth discoloration?

Tooth discoloration naturally occurs as we age. However, avoiding staining beverages like coffee and red wine maintains a whiter smile. Discontinuing smoking also helps. Moreover, dental hygiene is important for a brighter smile. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily and maintain your dental appointments.

melrose teeth whitening

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Melrose Teeth Whitening | Improve your smile with Zoom! Teeth Whitening. Our dental team is certified and trained to whiten teeth safely and effectively. Learn more about the teeth whitening process by scheduling an appointment. New and existing patients may call us at (781) 665-1552 or click here to book online. Our team is very knowledgeable and eager to assist. In addition, our dental office is located at 12 Porter Street Melrose, MA 02176. We proudly accept new patients and most insurances. Contact us today!

Melrose Dentist: 3 Tips for Selecting a Dentist

Melrose Dentist: 3 Tips for Selecting a Dentist

Melrose Dentist

Proper research is needed to narrow your best options for dental care. Patients should feel comfortable with a dentist in order to look forward to future appointments. Even if you do not have serious dental issues, regular exams and cleanings should be a delightful experience. In fact, many patients avoid routine appointments because of negative encounters with dental offices in the past. Maintaining great oral health is important. Therefore, we decided to narrow 3 easy tips to finding the right Melrose dentist.

melrose dentist


Is it easier to see a dentist near your home or work? Consider convenience. You may be more inclined to maintain appointments if getting to the dental office is easy. Thus, patients should check for dentists within a 5-10 mile radius of their home or work. Your unique schedule will ultimately assist with narrowing your most convenient option. Hence, it is recommended to take a moment and weigh your options.

Dental Treatments

Patients may want to consider a dental office that offers many dental treatments. For example, if you would rather see a family dentist so that your children can also be treated, you may need to narrow your list. Every patient has different dental needs. Therefore, we also recommend a dentist that will tailor your treatments. Obtaining a healthy smile involves unique care. Be sure to include dental treatments as part of your search for a Melrose dentist.


Reviews from actual patients are insightful, especially recent ones. People tend to be very honest when submitting their opinions online. Use this to your advantage to determine if an office is the right one for you. In addition, do not be discouraged if you see mediocre or bad reviews. We suggest to thoroughly read the review. Some feedback could be related to uncontrollable factors. For example, a poor rating could be submitted because the parking lot was full and the person had to park on the street instead. However due to current building codes, the parking lot cannot be enlarged. Nonetheless, reviews are very helpful and should be considered in your search.

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Our Melrose dentist offers customized family dental treatments. The team would be delighted to meet you. Schedule a consultation with us today! New patients may call (781) 665-1552 or click here to book online. You may also visit our dental office at 12 Porter Street Melrose, MA 02176.