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3 Tips for Cleaner Dentures

Dentures Melrose MA

Dentures Melrose MA | Congratulations on your new set of dentures! Replacing your teeth is not just cosmetic but it also improves your oral health. Bravo! Your dentures are custom made to fit your mouth. You’ll eat and speak naturally thanks to the amazing work by your dentist. Dentures typically last about 5 to 8 years with proper care and cleaning. So, check out these 3 tips for cleaner dentures below.dentures Melrose MA

Brush and floss.

Just like regular teeth, brush your dentures twice a day and floss daily. Have time to brush after meals? If so, do so! Bacteria and food particles are not good for dentures. It causes bad breath and can damage your dentures over time. Yikes! And, be sure to care for your mouth. Brush your inner cheeks, palate, gums, tongue, and existing teeth twice a day. If flossing is applicable, then floss daily as well. A clean mouth eliminates bacteria and food particles while protecting any existing teeth from decay and gum disease.

Properly store your dentures.

Store your dentures in clean, fresh water every night. Dentures need to be kept moist to avoid warping. Remember, to change the water daily to avoid bacteria build up. Enjoy napping? I do! Just remember to apply this tip for nap times too!

Visit us.

Even patients with complete dentures still need to visit the dentist regularly. We can check that your dentures are still fitting properly. If not, we’ll adjust them or create new ones if needed. Your gums, cheeks, palate, and tongue are examined for sores and other abnormalities. If you use partial dentures,we’ll also examine and clean your existing teeth.

Contact us today with any questions or concerns about dentures. Our experienced team is here to assist you with improving your oral health. Call (781) 665-1552 or click here. You may also visit our dental office at 12 Porter Street Melrose, MA 02176.

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Complete and Partial Dentures in Melrose MA

Dentures are removable teeth replacement. These mouth appliances help patients to chew better and speak clearer. They also help reshape the mouth as missing teeth can cause sunken cheeks. There are two types: complete and partial. Complete dentures help patients who have lost all of their teeth. Whereas, partial dentures are for those that have lost a few teeth. Aside from these two types, patients can also consider coComplete and Partial Dentures in Melrose MAnventional, immediate, and overdentures.

Conventional – Conventionals are custom-made and inserted after a patient heals from teeth removal. Patients consider them because the mouth changes shape after gums heal. They offer a better custom fit.

Immediate – These are convenient because they are inserted on the same day as teeth removal. However, the patient needs to return after the jaw heals to realign them.

Overdenture – If the patient has remaining teeth, they can serve as an anchor for the dentures. In other cases, dental implants can also serve as teeth to secure them.

Complete and Partial Dentures in Melrose MA

Patients should note that dentures are delicate and need proper care to avoid oral health issues. Brush them twice a day and rinse them with mouthwash. Clean your mouth as well. This prevents bacteria buildup, bad breath, and mouth sores. Keep them in clean water and stored when not in use. If you are considering adhesives, we can discuss the best ADA approved options during your consultation. Schedule an appointment today.

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