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The iTero Advantage

Have you ever needed to have a dental impression of your teeth taken for some type of dental work? If so, you probably don’t have fond memories of the experience. Although it may have been necessary, the sensation of a squishy, gooey substance around your teeth is an experience that you don’t likely want to repeat any time soon. The good news is that iTero is changing all of that.

itero technology

How It Works

iTero utilizes advanced digital mapping and scanning technology for the creation of a virtual map of your teeth. A high-resolution wand, which fits easily into the mouth, is used in measuring the distance between various tooth surfaces and itself, allowing for the creation of a virtual replica using the proprietary iTero software.

Once we have thoroughly scanned your mouth and teeth, what is left is an impressive, high-quality digital teeth impression. The iTero technology provides impressions that are at least as accurate as the models and molds created using conventional materials, if not more so.

Benefits of iTero:

  • Digital accuracy
  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • No unpleasant sensations during treatment

Digital Accuracy

When your dentist is examining a patient to create dental restorations, accuracy is paramount. Before iTero came along, certain changes in dental materials (like high temperatures causing warping) or basic human error could cause problems. iTero technology provides astonishingly accurate measurements that are often superior to traditional methods.

iTero's cutting edge technology provides the following benefits to our patients:

  • Accurate for both Invisalign and traditional braces, dramatically minimizing the chances that you will need a do-over, saving both time and money.
  • With Invisalign, your digital impressions can be sent directly to a dental laboratory, leading to faster turnaround times. And overall treatment time is shortened because of iTero’s precision.
  • With iTero, fewer patient adjustments are needed. Follow-up appointments are shorter and spaced further apart.
  • The iTero wand comfortably fits within the patient’s mouth during the scanning process.

No Worries About Gag Reflex

There are no concerns with iTero if you have a sensitive gag reflex. Traditional impressions involve the use of a gooey substance that coats the mouth, remaining in place for several minutes. This often triggers a patient’s gag reflex.

The iTero scanning process involves the use of a handheld wand positioned right over the teeth and moving within the mouth to record a digital impression. Patients find the process to be quite comfortable, especially when compared to traditional methods.

Improving Patient Care

We are proud to offer the very latest in dental technology to enhance the care and comfort of our patients. iTero is just the latest example of some of the investments that we have made with our patients in mind.

If you need any information about any of our dental treatments and procedures, please reach out to us to schedule an appointment or consultation. We happily accept new patients!

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