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Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting in Melrose MA

Dental implants need sufficient jaw bone tissue for implantation. Patients that have little jawbone or lost it due periodontal disease will need bone grafting to regrow bone tissue. Bone graft is sterilized material that is placed in the tooth socket and onto the jawbone. Next, a resorbable membrane is placed on top to avoid gum tissue from attaching itself to the jawbone. The area is sutured and the healing process begins.

Bone Grafting in Melrose MA

Bone grafting can take 2 to 4 months to grow new bone tissue. Once the jawbone has developed more bone, dental implants can be inserted. After the procedure, keep the area clean with the prescribed mouthwash. Avoid strenuous activities and keep your head propped when sleeping to reduce swelling.

Why is it necessary?

Bone grafting offers two advantages: dental restoration and face definition. Missing teeth causes bone loss. The longer a tooth is missing, the more bone loss becomes noticeable in the face. Patients may notice sagging as a result. So, while a patient is replacing missing teeth, they are also regaining the facial structure they once had.

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