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4 Tips for Stronger Teeth

How to Have Stronger Teeth

Teeth are meant for biting, chewing, and speaking clearly. But with time, they weakened, chip, or fall off. Maintain your smile by protecting your teeth with proper care. There are a lot of online trends but we’ve decided to simplify this information. Follow these 4 tips and you’ll notice stronger teeth!

How to have stronger teethBrush and floss.

There’s no other way around basic dental care. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily is a great start to maintaining stronger teeth. Brushing after each meal is best because you remove food particles and bacteria before they start to affect your teeth enamel.

Eat better.

Much like weight loss, healthier teeth requires a diet plan. Avoid soda, sugar, and starchy foods. Unhealthy diets affect the teeth enamel and exposes the teeth to decay and total loss. Instead, replace unhealthy options with more vegetables and fruits. These options have nutrients that promote healthier teeth and overall oral health.

Cut the habit.

Drinking alcohol and smoking is not good for your health, including your teeth. Alcohol dehydrates and causes a dry mouth. Without enough saliva, bacteria builds up and begins affecting the teeth. Smoking also dehydrates and affects the immune system which leaves the mouth susceptible to more bacteria.

Keep foreign objects away.

No ice, nail biting, pens, or pencils. We all have habits and some show it more often than others. Refrain from using your teeth to biting these and other hard items. You can chip, fracture, and lose teeth.

Weakened teeth starts with tooth enamel loss which is irreversible. There are options to restore teeth and maintaining them. Contact our dental office to learn more. Call (781) 665-1552 or request an appointment online.

Eliminate Bad Breath with a Cleaner Tongue – Dentist in Melrose MA

How to eliminate bad breath | dentist in Melrose MA

How to Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath can be troublesome and sometimes mints just aren’t effective enough. Have you tried thoroughly cleaning your tongue? Your tongue holds the most bacteria which adds to bad breath and even tooth decay. Yuck! There are other ways to manage bad breath but follow these tips on tongue cleaning and you’ll notice a difference.

Brush well.

After or before tooth brushing, use you toothbrush to brush your tongue. Add toothpaste to your brush and begin brushing with slight pressure from the back to the front. This motion helps to move the bacteria forward. Rinse with water and then mouthwash. A lot of mouthwash products contain bacteria-fighting ingredients that help with bad breath. Use them.

Scrape it.

Tongue scrapers are better designed to efficiently clean your tongue. They are made of plastic and remove bacteria in layers. Similar to brushing, hold the scraper firmly, start at the back and with slight pressure move toward the front in one motion. This helps collect the most bacteria. Clean the scraper with warm water and repeat. Two or three scrapes should be enough. Then rinse with water followed by bacteria-fighting mouthwash.

A cleaner tongue is definitely helpful for fresher breath. But, if you notice your breath is not improving, the issue may be greater. Contact us for an examination and consultation. Call (781) 665-1552 or request an appointment online.