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What You Can Expect during a Dental Implant Procedure

Implant surgery is a type of oral surgery that is used to place dental implants into the jawbone. This surgery is necessary to provide support for dental implants, which are used to replace missing teeth. This, of course, is a much better alternative for many who are at risk of bone loss or overall decline in dental health.

So, do you find yourself needing implant surgery? If so, we understand that you might be nervous about what the experience will be during surgery. Well, a good way to ease that nervousness is to know what happens!

Today, we want to share with you an overview of what generally happens during a dental implant:

An Overview of the Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants are one of the most popular and effective ways to replace missing teeth. The process involves placing a small titanium screw in the jawbone, which serves as a replacement for the tooth root. Once the implant has healed and fused with the jawbone, an artificial tooth (crown) is attached to the screw, completing the restoration.

The first step in the dental implant process is to consult with an experienced implant dentist to see if you are a candidate for the procedure. Once it has been determined that you are a good candidate, the next step is to have a detailed examination and x-rays to determine the placement of the implant.

After the implant site has been determined, the next step is to prepare the site. This involves making a small incision in the gums and exposing the bone. A hole is then drilled into the bone, and the implant screw is placed.

Once the implant screw is in place, the incision is closed with stitches, and the area is allowed to heal. This process can take several months, during which time the implant screw will fuse with the bone.

Once the implant has healed, the next step is to place the artificial tooth (crown) on the screw. This is done by making an impression of the tooth and then creating a custom crown to fit over the screw. The crown is then permanently attached to the screw, completing the dental implant process.

And that’s it! While the exact process may differ slightly, this is generally what you will experience during your implant.

What Can I Do to Make the Most Out of My Dental Implant?

Here are a few things you should know to help you make the most of your dental implants:

The first thing to understand is that dental implants are not a one-size-fits-all solution. The success of your implants will depend on many factors. That’s why it’s so important to find a qualified implant dentist who you feel comfortable with and who has a good track record of successful implant procedures.

Once you’ve found the right dentist, there are a few things you can do to help ensure successful dental implants. First, be sure to keep up with your regular dental care. This means brushing and flossing daily and getting regular dental checkups and cleanings. This will help to ensure that your mouth is healthy and free of infection, which is essential for successful implant surgery.

Second, if you smoke, try your best to reduce or even quit. Smoking can decrease blood flow to the gums and jaw, making it more difficult for implants to heal properly. If you’re a smoker, your implant dentist will likely recommend that you quit smoking at least a few weeks before your implant surgery.

Finally, be sure to follow all of your dentist’s instructions before and after your implant surgery. This includes taking care of your mouth and avoiding hard or crunchy foods for a few weeks after surgery. By following these simple steps, you can help ensure successful dental implants and a beautiful, healthy smile.


So there you have it! Not only do you now know what you can expect during a dental implant procedure, but you also know what you can do to make the most out of it. That said, it is alright to be nervous, and that’s totally normal. A good dentist can help you feel comfortable and at ease, and they will do what they can to ensure the entire process is as smooth as possible!

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