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Best Dentist in Melrose MA: What is Teeth Replacement?

Best Dentist in Melrose MA

Best Dentist in Melrose MA | Patients sometimes wonder if going without replacing their teeth is an option. Yes, it is. But this choice does not come without costs. And we’re not just talking about expenses. There are real, measurable physical changes that occur when you do not replace one or more missing teeth.

In most cases, the best dentist in Melrose MA would recommend that a patient get dental implants. But every case is different.

The consequences of doing nothing include:

  • Teeth can shift into the empty space.
  • The process of bone resorption, or bone loss begins.
  • Unpleasant changes to the facial structure can occur.

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When there is a large gap in your smile due to one or more missing teeth, something called bone resorption occurs. When your jawbone no longer senses the presence of a tooth root, it begins to melt away. This can even cause the face to collapse inward, leading to the classic “old crone” appearance.

Another problem that tends to happen when you go without teeth for a long time is that the teeth that surround the empty space can begin shifting into it. This can cause a negative impact on your smile or teeth misalignment.

What are my teeth replacement options?

Some of the most popular teeth replacement options are:

  • Dentures
  • Bridges
  • Dental implants


Dentures are artificial teeth and gums used for the replacement of lost or extracted natural teeth. They come in two basic types: full or partial. You can use them to replace a few missing teeth, or all of them on the top and bottom. All dentures, regardless of type, are custom fitted to your unique mouth contours.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a type of artificial tooth replacement that are anchored to surrounding teeth known as abutment teeth. The false teeth rest between them.

Although dental implants are available, their cost puts them out of reach for some patients. Dental bridges make a fair alternative, and some are even preferable over implants for younger patients who are still growing. Your best dentist in Melrose MA

Dental Implants

Implants have become the gold standard in teeth replacement treatments. They overcome some of the drawbacks of the other alternatives. For example, implants are firmly anchored within the jawbone, so they will not slip like dentures do. They also provide a longer-lasting treatment and can be expected to last for a lifetime, provided you care for them properly.

To receive a dental implant, your best dentist in Melrose MA will place a titanium metal post into your jawbone, which encourages your jaw to fuse around it. After this process has finished, something called an abutment will be placed over this post, followed by a dental crown to serve as a chewing surface and aesthetic replacement for your natural tooth.

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