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Family Dentist in Melrose MA: What Is iTero Digital Impressions?

Family Dentist in Melrose MA

Family Dentist in Melrose MA | If your orthodontist or dentist needs to create an impression of your teeth and jaw, they will need to have the right tool on hand. In the past, the only real choice was using a type of putty placed within a tray.

Although this method was mostly effective, the experience left something to be desired for the patient. However, your family dentist in Melrose MA now has a new tool at their disposal: iTero digital impressions.

What is iTero?

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The days of messy goop, discomfort, and gagging are over. Your family dentist in Melrose MA can now use an iTero scanner to create an extremely accurate digital teeth and jaw impression, totally eliminating the need for putty and tray impressions – a system much disliked by patients.

In addition to the notoriously unpleasant tactile sensations, the old tray and putty method often led to the need for multiple rounds of impressions that could be misplaced, broken or rejected. From the very beginning of the process, iTero scanners lead to increased accuracy for the impressions, not to mention enhanced comfort for the patient. Additionally, iTero allows you to visualize your teeth in 3D, enhancing consultation and treatment communication.

Teeth Scanning Benefits

Having your teeth digitally scanned has numerous benefits, including:

  • Eliminates the need for putty impressions. No more unpleasant aftertaste and goopy texture, as with conventional impressions. Enhanced comfort.
  • Increased accuracy. No distortions possible due to patient movement when setting, removing, or disinfecting impressions.
  • Visualization capability. On-screen visualization means that adjustments can be made immediately for the creation of the perfect orthodontic scan the very first time. All of this occurs in real time.
  • Single-Use Image Shield. Ensures optimal cleanliness.

How does iTero work?

The iTero scanner creates a digital capture of your teeth and gum structure using advanced optical technology. The scanner itself is a small, handheld wand. In addition, it has the ability to stop and start as many times as necessary after your orthodontist has initiated the scanning process.

Moreover, ITero allows for the scanning of your teeth and gums using a laser that does not rely upon radiation. In just three minutes, this safe laser will have created a digitally perfect impression of your teeth and gums – all in 3D.

You can then follow along with the scanning process, including the creation of a 3D model of your teeth. In short, iTero technology is useful for any type of orthodontic treatment.

For More Information

Are you curious if iTero technology is available for the treatment or procedure that you need? Or would you like to request more information about this technological breakthrough for dental patients? If so, please contact the office of your family dentist in Melrose MA today at (781) 665-1552 to schedule an appointment or consultation.

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