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Melrose Dentist: Maintaining Your Dental Appointments

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 Melrose DentistWith the right preventative care, your teeth can last for life. Our family practice is focused on prevention, so that you can avoid common dental diseases like tooth decay and gum disease. Scheduling regular checkups helps you keep your smile healthier, longer.

Prevent Tooth Loss and Premature Wear

Tooth loss is preventable, as long as you have the right resources. Even if gum disease tends to “run” in your family, regular preventative care and good oral hygiene can help you stop the cycle of tooth loss before it starts. Learn more with our Melrose dentist.

 During your exam, our Melrose dentist will screen for issues such as tissue detachment, bone loss, and tooth wear. Even though enamel is the hardest substance in your body, your teeth are not invincible. Interceptive therapies such as dental cleanings and regular exams can safeguard your teeth for decades to come!

Will I Need X-rays?

Digital X-rays provide us with a safe way to screen for issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. For instance, bone loss around the roots of your teeth or cavities between teeth can only be diagnosed with dental X-rays.

Our office utilizes all digital systems, which aren’t just faster, they’re also safer for you and your family. Plus, you can see the same thing that our Melrose dentist does and play an active role in co-planning your care.

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Intercept Decay While It’s Reversible

Although it’s impossible to regrow areas with large cavities, the earliest stage of tooth decay can be reversed. We call this stage “demineralization” and it occurs when the outer layer of enamel starts to soften or decalcify because of dental plaque exposure.

If our Melrose dentist spots areas of demineralization, we can thoroughly clean them and prescribe a concentrated fluoride to remineralize that surface. In other words, halting the cavity before it creates a physical opening in your tooth enamel!

Oral Cancer Screenings

Rarely painful or obvious, oral cancer is a silent killer. Symptoms are often hard to spot on your own until the disease reaches a progressive stage. During your routine checkups, we’ll screen for signs of pathological and precancerous tissues. If something is identified, we can order a biopsy for further study. When it comes to oral cancer, the best and most effective treatment is dependent on an early diagnosis.

Sun exposure and certain viruses are just a couple of common risk factors for this dangerous disease.

Boost Your Overall Health

Did you know that dental diseases can have a direct impact on your immune system? Statistics show that if you have active gum disease, you’re more likely to suffer from conditions like:

  • Pneumonia and respiratory disease
  • Reproductive issues (erectile dysfunction, infertility, pre-term labor)
  • Diabetes and uncontrolled blood glucose levels
  • Cardiovascular diseases, include stroke and heart attack

Eliminating oral bacteria during your routine preventative care appointments can prevent the spread of dental plaque into your bloodstream.

Lower Your Dental Care Costs in The Future

 Scheduling routine checkups allows us to evaluate and compare your oral health from visit to visit. If warning signs develop, we can intercept them while they’re smaller and less invasive to correct. That way issues like small cavities can be repaired with a modest filling instead of waiting until the tooth hurts and requires a root canal.

Dental Insurance

Do you have dental insurance? If so, most policies cover your preventative care visits at around 100% for two visits per year. Taking advantage of your included checkups and cleanings help you keep your smile healthy, breath fresh, and prevent you from having to tap into benefits that cover deductibles or co-pays.

How Often Should I See A Melrose Dentist?

People with healthy teeth should plan to schedule a preventative care appointment every six months. If you have areas that we need to keep an eye on, or a history of gum disease, we may need to see you a bit more frequently.

Is it time for your next cleaning and exam? Has it been over a year since your last digital X-rays? Call Melrose Dental Group to schedule your appointment.

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