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Why Choose Zirconia Crowns for Your Next Cosmetic Procedure

Zirconia is a material that is rapidly becoming the standard for dental crowns. This is because they are strong, have a natural color, and are firm. Many people are still trying to decide about getting zirconia for crowns because they are relatively new. People are waiting to see if there are any possible problems or catches that other people might experience.

Why do dental patients prefer zirconia crowns? Zirconia is a white, powdery metal oxide that looks like ceramic. It is made from zirconium, which is a metal that is similar to titanium. As a result, they’re esthetic, strong, and durable material. It is also a biocompatible material, meaning that it is not rejected by the body and is safe to use in the mouth. Here are a few more reasons you should get this material for your next dental crowns:


Zirconia crowns are made to look like your natural teeth. They can be any shade or color and are designed to blend in with the rest of your teeth. They are also very translucent, making them look almost like real teeth. 

This means that you can have a crown that is the same color as your teeth, or you can have it in a different color. You can also change the crown’s color if unsatisfied with it.


A zirconia dental crown can be easily changed or reshaped to the desired shape of your tooth. Whether your tooth is an incisor, cuspid, bicuspid, molar, round, flat, or pointy, you can decide what your new crown looks like.


Zirconia is incredibly strong, making it the perfect crown choice for those who may grind their teeth or bite their nails. The metal is also much more than five times stronger than porcelain crowns, making it a great option for patients.


Other dental crowns require sacrificing a smaller portion of your original tooth compared to other types of crowns. While you’ll still lose a part of your original tooth with zirconia crowns, it’s not as much compared to other crowns.

Stain Resistance

Like natural teeth, you might fear crowns could also experience staining; unfortunately, they can. Fortunately, a zirconia dental crown can resist staining for a long time due to zirconia being better resistant to stains than composite ceramic or acrylic crowns. When you choose a zirconia crown that is your natural tooth color, don’t expect the color to change or wear off either, the color is just about permanent, for the most part.

Temperature Resistance

When you have a zirconia crown, you don’t have to worry about the pain from eating or drinking hot or cold foods. With other types of crowns, you might feel like your tooth is boiling or freezing, but zirconia crowns behave like normal teeth, meaning you can enjoy all your favorite foods without discomfort.

In Closing

Zirconia dental crowns are the way to go when replacing natural teeth with an artificial yet more durable alternative. However, always weigh the options with your dentist so they can determine the best procedure for your oral health.

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